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Welcome to FemWealth!

Worldwide, there are so many brilliant women in STEAM + fields [including Leadership, Literature, Media, Philosophy, Psychology, Politics, Sports] who deserve to be known and celebrated. Different content formats will bring to light their creative pursuits, bold leadership, and incredibly diverse life experiences. 

Now, it’s more important than ever to learn from their stories, build strong relationships between ourselves and our allies. Step by step we are getting closer to gender equality. Onwards and upwards. 

Here is a glimpse into FemWealth:

The Creators Who Shape the Passion Economy

Building Forward with Collaborative Leadership

Women’s Health - Finding Cures to Gender Health Gaps and Biases

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Founder and Writer @FemWealth

P.S. For the past 5+ years, I’ve been collecting stories and words of wisdom from inspiring and trailblazing women. Now, I feel it’s the moment to share them with you. Your comments, feedback, and ideas are welcome.

I also publish Creativity Ink. There I “compress” precious gems from countless digital artifacts, and document my journey from digital hoarder to creator.

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Every Sunday you will get to know some of the most courageous, creative, intelligent, passionate, resourceful, and powerful women | womxn. 

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Anamaria Iuga
Anamaria Iuga is an entrepreneur, storyteller, and content creator passionate about startups, DeepTech, and advancing gender equality.